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every girl is entitled to a secret

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Made by hisescape @ artbyrel

About Me
* I am a child of God *
* My name is Orella *
* I am female *
* I am 33 years old *
* I am happily married to my best friend of 11 years, Christopher Lee *
* Our daughter Joy Anne Elisabeth was born December 31st, 2015 *
* Our second daughter Barbara Hope Leslie was born January 26th, 2017 *
* Our son Elijah Lee Allen was born May 7th 2018 *
* I am the first daughter of Kent & Diane *
* I am the second born out of four siblings *
* I am a proud Auntie to Arsai, Harlie, Shanowa, Audrey, Paisley, Miriam, Ezekiel & Elisabeth *
* I am a freelance Graphic Designer with over 10 years of experience *
* Samples of my blinkies, sigtags and icons are below. *




* I am not an active maker on LiveJournal. *

* I do send out monthly requests to my loved members to request from my blinkie, sigtag and icon galleries.
Check out my website: Art by Rel to see more information about being added as a lifetime member to my loved list for FREE *

Come and play with us!